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into the city faced gridlock. cbs reporter vinita nair is in lower manhattan tonight. >> reporter: i'm here in lower manhattan standing in front of one of the many tunnels that remain flooded here in new york city. new yorkers are facing headaches when it comes to mass transit as well as power outages. con ed says it could be until november 11 before all the lights are turned back on across the city. in terms of mass transit, there have certainly been creative solutions. when it comes to the major routes bringing you into the city, the city is requesting that no driver arrive in a car with fewer than three people the way they are solving this problem if you get to a checkpoint and it is you alone, you're basically asked to take two more people into the car with you, strangers who you may or may not know. new yorkers are taking it in stride. they are doing the best they can but keep in mind, it is a long way until we are back to full strength. reporting in lower manhattan, vinita nair. >> air force bases in california are coordinating a massive airlift to help with hurricane relief efforts.
surgery to fulfill their desires to be mothers, vinita nair reports. >> reporter: she always dreamed about being a mom. but seven years ago it didn't seem possible. she weighed 340 pounds and had high blood pressure and was prediabetic. her doctor gave her devastating news. >> the chances of me conceiving naturally would be very slim. practically impossible. >> reporter: the 33-year-old says that was her wakeup call. >> so that's when i started researching weight loss surgery. >> reporter: dr. mitchell rosslyn says a growing number of obese women are resorting to surgery to help fertility. >> having excess fat changes the concentration of the hormones that actually regulate menstruation and ovulation. >> reporter: they are either overweight or obese and doctors say losing even 10% of your body weight could help increase fertility and help prevent pregnancy complications. >> there's a higher chance of miscarriage. there's a higher chance of high gestational weight baby. secondary gestational diabetes. >> reporter: she lost 66 pounds just six months after surgery. she also got a big surpris
of them thursday's vote was a historic victory. vinita nair reports. >> reporter: the u.n. voted in favor of making the palestinians a nonmember observer state. the upgraded status recognizes the borders before israel's captured lands in 1967. >> translator: general assembly is to issue a certificate of the reality of the state of palestine. >> reporter: thousands of palestinians celebrated in the west bank and gaza while in jerusalem israelis protested against palestinian statehood. the upgraded status from the united nations also grants the palestinians access to the international criminal court where they could file war crime charges against israel. >> the concern to the prosecutor of the international criminal court in the hague and make all kinds of charges against israeli officers never mind that they are baseless. >> reporter: the u.s. is standing with israel saying direct talks is the only way to achieve peace. >> today's unfortunate and counterproductive resolution places further obstacles in the path to peace. >> reporter: the palestinians say u.n. recognition of the 1967 border
in the outbreak. as vinita nair reports, the owner of the new england pounding center said very little. >> reporter: the owner of the company linked to the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak refused to answer questions on capitol hill. >> what explanation can you give the families who have lost their loved ones? >> i respectfully decline to answer based on my rights and privileges. >> reporter: the company is accused of making contaminated steroid inchecks. the outbreak killed 32 people and sickened more than 400 others in 19 states. one of those victims was retired kentucky judge eddie lovelace whose widow joyce came to the congressional hearing looking for answers. >> we're heartbreaking and devastated. and i am here begging you to do something about the matter. >> reporter: the meningitis outbreak is slowing down with fewer new cases being reported. about 14,000 people are thought to have been exposed. the massachusetts company had a well documented history of problems. nearly a decade ago the food and drug administration wanted to shut it down until it cleaned up its operations. ins
is moving closer to helping women get protect. >> vinita nair has more on breakthrough research. >> reporter: many women struggle to get pregnant because the number of eggs they have and the eggs' quality drops as women get older. but now researchers are experimenting with a process that can create new eggs from ovarian cells. >> then we're able to grow these cells outside the body. we are able to form the eggs again. >> reporter: scientists hope these early stage eggs could one day be fertilized. >> the hope is of course to place those eggs right back into the same patient so there will be no rejection and those are the patient's own eggs that can be fertilized. >> reporter: the ultimate goal is to use it with people. so women can have another source of eggs which are their own. >> we give a huge boost to those patients' choices for fertility options. right now, obviously the most important thing for women to realize is that we don't -- that we don't have those options available yet. >> reporter: and researchers at wake forest agree it will be quite some time before they can try to create e
thanksgiving everybody. >> the nair and the members of the police staff helped carve 150 turkeys at the salvation army harbor life center. tomorrow, the salvation army will deliver up to 5,000 turkeys to seniors around maroon county. >> aspirin tar's restaurant in sasalito is offering three thanksgiving dings. the -- linear. last thanksgiving. volunteers served omon 100,000 meals. go to to help support bay area holiday give aways. psychological down to the hot topics section and look for the link. >>> continuing coverage -- our janet life along the scene, just south of the cliff house, explained on you the spill hatched and explain at&t what the corrosion are looking how they're looking it up. >> this section of this great highway remains enclosed right now, but they hope to reopen it in the next hour. you see the crews out here, they say that they are almost finished pumping out the contaminated water but this beach will remain closed. clean-up corrosion shoveling sand and an empty shore are not not normally what you see at ocean beach on a sunny day. but contaminated
tiezed, some of the decades difficult na nair nairty -- narrative condensed. how did she feel about the movie? >> a lot of people i spoke to were in an unusual position, they were proud of what they had done but had more or less resigned themselves to the fact that what they had done they could not talk about publicly but the movie allows them tuk in a way that is a bit freer because movies can change the way people look. >> reporter: bigelow was making final tweaks with her sound designers the day we met. >> what we were try doing here was create a kind of sonic environment that kept the outcome of the evening in question. >> reporter: because they don't know how it will end. >> they don't know. >> reporter: the evening in question the climax of the film, the raid that killed bin laden. that had to be a challenge because the world thinks they know how this ends. >> but they don't know how it happened. they don't know what was the choreography of the assault itself, where did they land? where did they crash? who did they kill first? >> reporter: the assault on the compou compound, l
. the second year the nair been held at patriot center. employers from geico to northrup drummond came out to talk to the veterans who served since 9/11. organizers say a number could go up with more troops coming home from afghanistan in the coming year. the goal of today's career fair was to get 200 vets placed in any job. the transition from military to civilian life can be difficult. explaining how a local company is working to fix that. >> reporter: every morning, marquis johnson and his co-workers check in and gear up. though the former servicemen come from different branches of the armed forces they're acustomed to the uniform pants. when you see nem action, it can only be found veterans, finding work for veterans in this economy has been tough. >> sometimes i feel like it's a slap to the face, because we've served our country. >> reporter: johnson left the army in 2009 after serving two tours in iraq. >> i have plenty of interviews, and people shake my hand and tell me thanks for what you did for the country and everything like that. and never got the job. >> reporter: the bureau o
nair and i'm an old stick in the mud and you say do you see that giant sheet of space and time unfurling like a giant handkerchief and you say any second now there are things that are going to appear and i will say derek, things? there will never be any things and this is imaginative. add time and space and what do you get? time and space, period. >> and how did that all form? >> yes. >> is there a short answer to that question? >> the short answer of the question is if you're a scientist like me, your obligation is to figure out how all these things came to be. and if you do believe in a god, then you have an even bigger problem. this is the most astonishing cosmos that we know of. yet it is cruel, violent. anything that's born, we have life for 3.5 million years. anything born will guarantee you that there and is it a kindly and godly thing? >> yes, it seems arbitrary. if that is what you're saying. a war crime. let's talk about some of those things. and you only have three minutes. and that we've got one of them. and that it will be too close about one for the east culture.
he won't have to rely on antibiotics as much. vinita nair, cbs news, new york. >>> cross' in -- researchers say high blood glucose levels associated with describe can damage the nerves -- diabetes can damage the nerves which people use to hear. it's independent of the effects of aging or noisy environments. >>> researchers in canada say there's no need to fast before taking blood tests to determine blood cholesterol levels. they found results on patients who did not fast were accurate as long as the doctors knew the hour of the patient's last meal. >>> you're trying to quit smoking? well, there may be an app for that some day. resevers in new zealand say smartphones could be a new tool to help smokers quit. they found smokers who received motivational text messages are more likely to stay away from cigarettes. that's kind of interesting. >>> time now for the question of the morning. >> what word most married couples use to describe their spouse? is it a, understanding, b, stubborn, c, forgetful? >> they don't sound very nice. log on to our facebook fan page. we'd love to
the cliff. we're determined not to go over the cliff. >> several navy seals punished for nair involvement with the videogame. >> the reprimand that the navy seals received could hurt any future chances for promotion. >> from across the bay -- >> it's like a concert just got out. choppers are still leaving the outlets. >> -- to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> good morning, it's friday, november 9. i'm michelle griego. >> we made it. the weekend is almost here. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:31. winter weather pounding northern california. okay. we're going to toss it over to mr. lawrence. we're going to pull you out of your chair now and put you to work because we have snow in the sierra and might have some in the bay area, believe it or not. >> yeah. we are seeing flakes over the tops of the mountains. looks like unsettled weather overnight. even some thunderstorms rotating on through. things settling down a little bit. the main focus
on million nairs. it really won't, i don't think. i don't understand why republicans don't take obama's offer to freeze taxes for everyone below $250,000. the republican party is going to fall to -- >> throw it on the hollywood libs. tax the hell out of them. get those hollywood libs. but now that he's hut in it that frame of mind and people can see, we're going to go after those hollywood liberals, tax them, get their movie money, do you think members of your party would be more amenable to this. >> you do a significant amount of reduction in spending along the lines of simpson/bowles where 75% of the savings on the debt came from spending reductions and 25% came from revenues. generate more revenues and apply some of it to the debt. the issue of taxing high-end folks is a straw dog. you generate about $50 million a year on that. you don't resolve the problem. you address a political issue. if we want to resolve the problem, it has to be a comprehensive agreement. >> it boils down to this arithmetic. this was said over the weekend. >> i think the speaker's comments have been encouraging and
more severely by our media. >>> and the most debra, nair 007 of them all, sir roger moore on bond, then and now. you never did that did you? >> i did a couple of the love scenes. >> this is piers morgan tonight. good evening, the re-election celebrations seem a long time ago for book, one week after defeat egg governor romney, staring down reporters white house fielding questions on the petraeus scandal, benghazi, the fiscal cliff and a long couple weeks with many waiting for answers. jay tap certificate a-- tapper s an abc correspondent. jay, welcome. >> thank you, great to be here. >> almost perfect timing, this book. discussing before we went on the air that it's -- it concern he is two great generals. mcchrystal and petraeus and they are both gone before the book has hit the streets come you have ever imagined when you were thought embedded with these troops that would happen? >> no the book mainly about the grunts on the ground but does look a lot at how people like president bush, president obama, secretaries of defense and how these celebrity jones, how their decisions end
for us to see huge upside the next few months in terms of a market rally if the best case scene nair gee moderate economic growth scenario. it is possible, if he is there a miracle and republican and democrats could come together with a true grand bar gape, we see a big rally, that seems like a true right tail event, very unlikely in the foreseeable future. >> neel it is brian kelly. i know you like stocks over bonds in the long term, but the scenario you just described sounds to me like i want protection, i want to be in the bond market. bonds were up huge today. have you changed your view on stocks over bounds in the long run? >> new york the long run, we think the equity returns are going to be higher than bond returns over the long term, though we do think that they are all going to be lower than what we have been used to over the last several decades n this environment, with this volatility coming back into the market, we think it puts a huge premium on investing in the right names, finding those individual companies with stronger balance sheets, more cash generation, better positio
help the child. vinita nair give it one day and the next day you know where the child is. you should give it one day and then the next day you know where the child is. this way you have maybe five times a year you can bring the child back up to speeds, get them back in with the class. host: what kind of resources would that require? caller: a change of thought, mainly. unfortunately, teachers are not really used to dthis type of schedule and parents are not used to this type of schedule. administrators and teachers want three months' vacation and so do parents. possibly it interferes with sports programs. but nobody says it is a bad idea as far as educating the children, because it's not a bad idea. these children need constant input. the parents don't have the resources. there's a lot of different reasons. nevertheless, they don't have the resources. the school district has to accept that fact. we should try to educate the parents, but in the meantime we have to, with a system that will help the child. the only system that has been shown is continuous education, ongoing continuous e
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)